~LYING IN STATE:  Officers, members at large, and committee chairs and members were almost unanimous in hailing this “madcap comedy”; though you probably haven’t heard the name, we think you’ll laugh as hard at this show as you did at TOKENS OF AFFECTION.  Kathryn Wood will be directing this show November 10-12 and 17-19.
2018 SEASON:
March 9-11, 16-18: THE SECRET GARDEN: Based on the story by Frances Hodgson Burnett, this beautiful musical (script and lyrics are by Marsha Norman, with music by Lucy Simon)  premiered on Broadway in 1991 and ran for 709 performances. Soaring music, lost love, reawakening of love and health, and a child finding her home are the hallmarks of this show. Directed by Karen Ferrell-White.
June 1-3, 8-10: THE GLASS MENAGERIE: Set in St. Louis in the late 1930s, this is a memory play, told from the point of view of Tom Wingfield, the son in the family. A classic by Tennessee Williams, the play is a timeless account of a mother’s desire to take care of a daughter who, in the mother’s eyes, is tragically flawed, and a son’s desire to escape from the smothering control of his transplanted, withering southern belle of a domineering mother.  Directed by Scott McElheney.  Scott teaches theatre and theatre tech and manages the scene shop at Georgia Southwestern State in Americus.
August 10-12, 17-19: THE ASCENSION OF TWYLA POTTS tells the story of a small-town southern real-estate broker who has become separated from her upbringing by her rise to local power. News that her elderly mother is once again up the tree in her front yard (no explanation of how she got there…) brings her to the house not to help her mother but to avoid embarrassment. The story of why the mother is up the tree and how Twlya realizes what true value is is the rest of the story. Directed by Karen Ferrell-White.
November 9-11, 16-18: FRUITCAKES–“Mix together a batch of fruitcakes, three dozen Christmas trees, 10,000 outdoor Christmas lights, a chicken pox epidemic, two southern spinsters, an estranged old man, a lost cat named Tutti Frutti, and a Christmas hog named Buster and you’ve got the recipe for a fun-filled and touching evening of holiday cheer. Into this world comes Jamie, a kid who has run away from home and come as far as his money will take him. At first he thinks this town’s inhabitants are ‘nuttier than fruitcakes,’ but soon he comes to admire, appreciate and adore this nutty little town. A moving story of alienation, understanding and reconciliation,” directed by Kathryn Adams Wood.


10 thoughts on “COMING ATTRACTIONS!

  1. Need to know if this play is a musical or just normal play with lines. Hannah may be interested, but she is 14 now. She has learned to speak with a British accent. And, yes she can sing. I think the dates on this are much better.It is before the holidays. Thanks, Lisa McGarity 404-561-7954

    1. Hi, Lisa–it’s Karen. Just saw this. This isn’t really a musical, though the carolers of course do sing. It’s primarily a straight show. So sorry I’m just now answering. I apparently don’t get notices anymore when we have messages.

  2. Would have liked to go to Christmas Carol. However, I did not see this until Nov. 21. I live in Jonesboro and heard nothing about this event.

    1. May we put you into our email list? We always send out a couple of emails announcing upcoming shows and giving information about them. I’m so sorry you didn’t hear anything. The newspaper, which usually does a great job of publicizing our performances, is under some degree of upheaval right now, with the editor having quit and writers having to cover multiple jobs until the position is filled, so we did not get our usual coverage. We did have posters up and there were postcards and posters at the train depot; and the banners were up on the chevron in front of the church. I’m so sorry you missed this show, but we’ll try to rectify that with future emails.

  3. I see you are planning on staging “Lying in State.” Fantastic!!! Great show! Kathryn, this will be a lot of work … break a leg. bad bob

  4. I’m looking forward to another wonderful play – Driving Miss Daisy! I was looking for the Season schedule so I can get it on my calendar – I don’t want to miss any plays! I can’t find it; I’m sure I’m just missing looking in the right place. Can you help me?

    1. Good Morning, I apologize for the delay in responding to you. It seems we need to update the way we are notified when someone makes a comment. You can find the season schedule on the coming attractions page. Driving Miss Daisy is August 11-13 & 18-20, and Lying in State is November 10-12 & 17-19.

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