Walking Across Egypt

We are so excited to announce our cast for Walking Across Egypt!

Coming the two weekends before Thanksgiving, the play drawn from Clyde Edgerton’s book, WALKING ACROSS EGYPT: NOVEMBER 12-14, 19-21

Mattie Rigsbee goes to church every Wednesday and Sunday; she loves her son and wishes to goodness he’d get married and give her some grandchildren; she feeds anybody and everybody in the community her delicious cornbread any time they drop by (and some drop by JUST to get a bite of that famous recipe); and she loves everybody she meets (though she can be a bit testy when she’s tried, or pushed, or someone needs defending). Lamar, a dogcatcher (for now) and his nephew Wesley (who’s in the local juvenile detention center—for now) come into her life just when she’s pining for those grandchildren and coming to a new understanding of her son, Robert. Her nextdoor neighbors are characters, for sure, and they not only love and want to take care of Mattie but provide much of the comedic content of the show. If you’ve read any of Clyde Edgerton’s work, you know it’s intelligent but accessible, entertaining but often poignant and full of meaning. These adjectives apply to this show. You will love it, we promise! Get your tickets soon! Reserved seating is going fast, but there are plenty of general admission tickets, AND we will have distanced seating for those who prefer that. Give us a call! 770-897-1404, or go to our tickets page, www.thefrontporchplayers.com/tickets.

  • Mattie Rigsbee–Karen Ferrell-White
  • Robert Rigsbee–Chuck Matthews
  • Alora Swanson–Cynthia Gardner
  • Finner Swanson–Rick Jackson
  • Lamar Benfield–Bert Capps
  • Wesley Benfield–William Shiflett
  • Reverend Bass–Bob Ensign
  • Sheriff Tillman – Joe Wiley


  • Pianist – Helen Byars
  • Choir Director–Teliea Harwell
  • Asst. Choir Director–Cindy Rego
  • Choir Members: Diane Morris, Carrie Green, Cody Rentz, Natalie Walters


  • Producer–Lisa Shiflett
  • Technical Director–Bob Wood
  • Sound–Elton Todd
  • Lighting—Tim Spear
  • Graphic Design–Sammie Real iii

It’s Read-Through Day!

Our cast is already hard at work!

Rehearsals have finally resumed!

This cast is fabulous and we are having so much fun!

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