Maytag Virgin

June 11-13 and 18-20, 2021

The day has finally come!

We can announce that we will re-open our theater for a performance on June 11! Show dates June 11 (7:30), 12 (2:30 & 7:30), 13 (2:30); June 18 (7:30) and June 19 (2:30 & 7:30). [no performance June 20–Father’s Day]

Due to the size of the casts of the originally planned shows–and the singing in 2 of the 3–both of which present dangers to participants and audiences alike, we have decided to present 2 different shows for this re-start and return to the first of those originally planned in November of this year.

The June show is the low-key but touching, memorable, and “quietly profound” [review, Erik Nikander, in The Arts Fuse, Lowell, MA ; 1/2020play Maytag Virgin by Audrey Cefaly. The story follows the budding relationship between relatively recently widowed Lizzy and her new neighbor, Jack, a widower of two years, as they go through a year of their lives. From their back porches (which face each other) and backyards, they carefully get to know each other, become friends, squabble with each other, share some profound moments, and ultimately, just in time, find love. Oh, and Jack acquires his first Maytag dryer: thus the title. We think it’s a story that we can all recognize and feel at home with.

TICKETS: www.thefrontporchplayers.com/tickets

The show will be presented as we always have done it: we are not distancing, SEASON TICKET HOLDERS HAVE THEIR REGULAR SEATS ALREADY RESERVED FOR THEM, except that if you normally come the second Sunday, you need to call to change to one of the other dates, or reserve for yourself at www.thefrontporchplayers.com/tickets.


We will have hand sanitizing stations as well as plenty of soap in the bathrooms. We can’t require that you wear a mask, but for everyone’s safety, we request that you do. We will offer some seating that will be distanced from the rest of the audience, should you need that.

We are going to be so glad to see you all once again!
Thank you for being our supporters, thank you for hanging in for all this time our doors have been closed, and thank you for helping us celebrate reopening!
Karen and Kathryn
GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! CALL 770-897-1404 or visit www.thefrontporchplayers.com/tickets

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