You Can’t Take It With You


Show Dates: May 3-5 and 10-12

We are so pleased to announce our cast list!           

Congratulations to all of you and Thank you to everyone who auditioned

Penelope “Penny” Sycamore–Anne-Marie Maltbie
Martin “Grandpa” Vanderhof–Fritz Sullens
Alice Sycamore–Laura Blanco
Tony Kirby–Tyler Todd
Anthony W. Kirby–Keith Larson
Essie Carmichael–Claire-Elizabeth Christmas
Boris Kolenkhov–Robert E. (Burt) Capps, Jr.
Paul Sycamore–Ashley Flournoy
Ed Carmichael–Hunter Christian
Mr. De Pinna–Chuck Matthews
Donald–Jacob Maranan
Rheba–Nicole Farland
IRS Agent Henderson–Wes Hudson
Miriam Kirby–Chelsea Smith
The Grand Duches Olga Katrina–Rachel Burdette
Gay Wellington–Mary Anne Brannon
G-Man 1/–Matt Burdette
G-Man 2–Steven Jackson/William Shiflett

We are all so excited with the talent in this cast and eager to get started. This is a MAT show and will open May 3. Yes, we know we’ll be going across Mother’s Day–this will be a SERIOUSLY WONDERFUL Mother’s Day event: as soon as tickets are available, reserve a seat for her and the rest of the family, and give her the gift of laughter as well as of family. Take her to lunch and then to the show.

Hey, it’s like being in New York! 

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