A Bad Year For Tomatoes

We are excited to introduce the cast for A Bad Year For Tomatoes!

Performances are April 26, 27, 28, and May 3, 4, and 5

Myra MarloweCynthia Gardner
Tom LamontDoug Malone
Cora GumpNancy Bloom
Reba HarperCathy Cook
PineyMike Hubbard
Willa Mae WilcoxKathryn Wood
SheriffWes Hudson

Get ready to laugh! We are bringing John Patrick’s gem A Bad Year For Tomatoes to our stage! It is a side-splitting comedy that will keep you laughing right up to the final curtain and beyond. Directed by a veteran of TFPP, Tracy Larson has been with us since our inception, devoting her time both on stage and off – occasionally at the same time. A Bad Year For Tomatoes is the first play she has directed with The Front Porch Players.


Fed up with the demands of fame and the craziness of Hollywood, burnt-out TV actress Myra Marlowe escapes to the sleepy town of Beaver Haven, Vermont to write her autobiography and grow tomatoes. She soon learns, however, that she has managed to escape into an entirely new kind of crazy. Her eccentric neighbors are nosy, gossipy, and omnipresent. In an effort to be left alone, Myra concocts a hilarious scheme involving a fictional “mad sister” that backfires spectacularly, even attracting the attention of the local sheriff. Witness their side-splitting antics when A Bad Year For Tomatoes comes to The Front Porch Players stage, April 26-28 and May 3-5.

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