Follow this link to print our Season Tickets Application.  If you have trouble, you can copy and paste the form below into a word document.  Once you have completed, mail it and your check for the correct amount to The Front Porch Players, c/o 260 Water Oak Trail, Stockbridge, GA 30281.  Prices are good through the production of Beauty and the Beast, March 11-13, 18-20. Please note: as of January 1, 2017, the discount for seniors (55+) and children (12 and under) will be the same in both reserved and general admission seats.

PRICES FOR 2018: $52 Adults; $42 Seniors and Children. ****If you purchase by or before December 31, children’s tickets will be $32 for the season.

Also, if you’re interested in having general admission seats for all shows, ask about our new “flex tickets,” which will contain 4 general admission tickets good for any show, in any combination: you may use all 4 tickets for one show, 1 per show, or 2 each for two shows–etc.  These are similar to the cast tickets you can purchase from any cast member, but you only have to make the purchase once for the entire season. You may purchase as many flex tickets as you would like. 1-2 flex tickets: $40 each; 3+ flex tickets: $36 each.  What a deal!!


The Front Porch Players,;

NAME _________________________________

TELEPHONE # __________________________

EMAIL ________________

______ Adults ______ Seniors ______Children
( Senior, 55+, Child, 12-)
AMOUNT ENCLOSED: _________________
____ I prefer front row seats if possible
____ I prefer first weekend
____ I prefer second weekend
Circle which performance you prefer: FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY
(PRICE STRUCTURE: Adult, $52; Seniors or Children $42)
I am paying by ____Cash _____ Credit Card* _____ Check
AMOUNT ENCLOSED, if cash/check: _________________
*Credit card information

(credit card requires an additional $2 fee for use):

Name, as it appears on the card: ______________________________________
Address associated with card: _______________________________________________
Credit card type ________

Number _____________________________________________
Verification code: ______ (All of this information will be destroyed as soon as we charge your card) (code on back for most cards; on front for AE and Discover)

**Verification of your seat numbers, performance, and weekend will be emailed to you unless you indicate by giving us your mailing address here that you prefer to have hard copies mailed to you. ________________________________________________
Hold on to your verification for identification purposes; however, we will always have a record of your seats should you lose it.
Thank you so much for your interest in and support of The Front Porch Players.