What time do your shows begin?


Where will Leading Ladies be presented?

Our permanent home is the First Presbyterian Church in Jonesboro, 1842 Lake Jodeco Rd., Jonesboro, GA. See front page for map.

What are the dates of the show?

June 2-4, 9-11.

What are the times for the show?

June 2, 3, 9, 10: 7:30 p.m.; June 4 & 10: (Sunday), 2:30 p.m.  Doors open 45 minutes before the show but seating begins 30 minutes before the show. If you already have your tickets (see our tickets tab), there is no need to show up before 7 on Th/F/Sat or 2 on Sunday.


Where I can purchase my ticket?

See the tickets tab for tickets prior to the show (up to 4 hours before the show); or you may buy tickets at the door on the day of performance.  WE ARE NOT SOLD OUT, REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU SEE ON THE SEATING CHART. IF YOU FIND YOU CANNOT GET THE NUMBER OF SEATS YOU NEED, PLEASE JUST CALL 770-897-1404 AND LET THE BOX OFFICE SET YOUR SEATS UP.  In addition, if you specifically want general admission tickets, any cast member has blanket tickets to sell for $10 each. This is a $2 saving for adults (and eliminates the 75-cent service fee for online or phone advance tickets). “Blanket tickets” carry with them the privilege of being able to attend ANY one show, which means that if plans change, for whatever reason, you have other opportunities to use your ticket. 

In addition to season tickets, which discount your tickets and give you the best seats in the house, the reserved seats in the first two (or three, if we have to extend it) rows, for season 2017 we will be offering flex tickets. Each of these will allow 4 seats in the general admission section, to be used for any performance that is not sold out (please call ahead for Beauty and the Beast to be sure there are seats available) and in any combination. That is, you may use all 4 tickets for one performance, 2 tickets for two shows, 1 for four shows, etc., etc. You may purchase as many of the flex tickets as you need. 1-2 flex tickets, $40; 3 or more flex tickets, $36 each–what a deal!!

Can I purchase tickets at the theater the night (or day) of the performance?

Yes; see the answer above, BEGINNING 45 MINUTES BEFORE PERFORMANCES.  We now can take all major credit cards, but there is a $2 surcharge for their use.

Do you use volunteer ushers?

Please call Karen at 770-897-1404 if you are interested in volunteering and give her your contact information. We do require that you usher for at least 2 performances, however.

Should we call The First Presbyterian Church for information?

No, please don’t. call 770-897-1404. Thanks!

 Will this show be dinner-theatre format?

No. We do hope to have another dinner theatre, or dessert and coffee performance, of a show soon.

Do you offer season tickets?

YES!  Season tickets for this season went on sale in October of 2016; if you are interested in a “3-fer” price for the remaining shows, please call 770-897-1404 for information. Please note that season tickets do NOT include coffee and dessert, or dinner; those must be paid for separately. 


Do you have opportunities for volunteers with The Front Porch Players?

Absolutely!  Acting is, of course, a volunteer activity, but if acting isn’t your thing, we need people to usher, work the gate, work concessions, be on stage crew, help construct and paint the set, locate props, help with publicity and ad sales, do art work, decorate the lobby and audience area, play in the orchestra…we have so many volunteer needs that it’s hard to list them all!  Get in touch with Karen at 770-897-1404; or Kathryn at 404-421-7743.

If you know someone else who might be interested, please let him or her know that we exist!

How do I become a member of The Front Porch Players?

We have a membership application form–it’s very short; you may request one here or email us at thefrontporchplayers@yahoo.com or thefrontporchplayers2@gmail.com, and we’ll send you one.  Copy and paste it into a document, fill it out, and send it back.  NO DUES!  Your participation with only two shows per year, in ANY capacity, keeps you in good standing as a member. And please attend our open quarterly meetings to put in your “two cents” and find your place to work with us!  Next meeting will be this month; specific date TBA.  Check our Facebook page for the announcement.

Do you take suggestions for future productions?

We welcome your suggestions!  But please keep in mind that we must always consider the stage on which we work (which has some limitations) and the fact that the facility is church property.

Do I have to be from Clayton County to be involved?

Certainly not!  We have people from DeKalb County, Fayette County, Henry County, Fulton County, Spalding County, etc., who work with us, and we have had audience members from as far away as Florida and North Carolina.  We want EVERYONE to think of us as “my theater.”



2 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Kathryn,
    Sorry we missed The Miracle Worker! We just recently found out about FPP and look forward to upcoming shows and maybe even volunteering or playing. Isabella quit dance last year to concentrate on acting and was in a total of 4 shows during the school year. So glad we found something closer to home.

    Sloan & Isabella Segala

    1. We are so glad you’ve found us, though you missed THE MIRACLE WORKER. We’re currently working on OKLAHOMA!, and in fact could use another young lady who can dance for the dream ballet. Contact director Karen Ferrell-White, 770-897-1404, directly if you’re interested in taking part. If not, we look forward to seeing you at our shows.

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