Hilarious Topher Payne comedy, this show will have you rolling in the aisles.  Mr. Payne is a nationally known Atlanta playwright and actor, winner of many Atlanta awards, and a shining talent who is committed to Atlanta theatre.  You really don’t want to miss this one.

Cast:  Alex Eberhart–Charlie
Jill Shedd–Rita
Cast: Alex Eberhart–Charlie
Jill Shedd–Rita
Jenny Johnson–Claire
Kathryn Wood–Jackie
Keith Larson–Bruce


Charlie is a software developer for video games; he lives alone and works from home, and he likes it that way. His parents, Frank and Jackie, live in Connecticut, as do his sister Claire and her husband Bruce. This is all a very good arrangement for Charlie. His parents, though, are in their early 60s and have reached a point in their marriage where they’re looking at it and each other and aren’t perhaps sure that this is what they want anymore. Frank shows up unexpectedly, suitcase in hand, at Charlie’s New York apartment; shortly afterward, Jackie shows up at Claire’s house, also trailing a suitcase, and the comedy follows the farcical efforts of the siblings to get the parents not only back together but out of their homes. Rita, Charlie’s across-the-hall neighbor, adds to much of the confusion and comedy, and the ending of the show is very sweet and ties up all sorts of loose ends.


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